Karnatak Science College, Dharwad

Physics, Electronics & Computer Science

The department of physics occupies the prime position at the entry of Karnatak Science College, Dharwad. Physics, Electronics and Computer Science are the optional subjects taught here. In addition to degree (B.Sc.) courses with combinations PCM, PME, PMCs, PMS, PMFSc, PMG, a post graduate (M.Sc.) course in physics has been started recently. The faculty members of this department are engaged in extension activities and research in addition to teaching. Some faculty members are principal investigators of major research projects and at present, three faculty members are recognised as Research Guides by the KUD to guide students towards Ph.D degree. The students of this department are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities like demonstration using projects and experimental work (exhibitions), Seminars, Quiz programs, Debates, Essay writing etc., Special Lectures and workshops are arranged through the Einstein Study Circle, the extra-curricular wing of this department. Interested students (with necessary aptitude and temperament) are encouraged to take up research activities (project work).


  1. Dr. F.M.Sanningannavar  
  2. Dr.G.H.Malimath     ---  View Profile
  3. Prof. M.R.Ranganath --   HOD   ---  View Profile
  4. Dr. Blaise Lobo      ---  View Profile
  5. Prof. (Smt) Nirupama J. M      ---  View Profile
  6. Prof. (Smt) Geeta Chavan
  7. Prof. (Smt) Jyoti Doddamani
  8. Dr. (Smt) Reshma A. Nesargi      ---  View Profile
      Non Teaching Staff
  1. Shri.N.T.Chalageri: O.S. ( Lab & Store)
  2. Shri. Hugar: Sr.Lab Asst.




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Semester System

Semester system for undergraduate students has been introduced to make their education to go hand in hand with the prevailing social, cultural, economic and technological environment. The courses are designed based on the needs of society in general.

Governing Council

The college has a governing council is headed by the Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University, Syndicate Members, two staff members of the college and the Principal as secretary. It guides and regulates all the activities of the college.