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Anthropology is the holistic science of man.  It has multifaceted approach to the study of human beings.  It traces all aspects of human evolution, i.e., socio-cultural, biological, historical, archeological, linguistic, etc., without being confined to space and time.  Anthropologists seek answers to an enormous variety and questions about humans.  They are interested in discovery when, where and why humans appeared on the earth, how and why they have changed since then and how and why modern human populations vary in certain physical features.  Anthropologists also study how and why societies in the past and present have varied in customary ideas and practices.  There is a practical side to anthropology too.  Applied and practicing anthropologists put anthropological methods, informations on results to use in efforts to solve practical problems.  


Anthropology was introduced as a major and minor subjects in 1960 first in Karnatak Arts College.  It was introduced as a minor subject in Karnatak Science College in 1975 for B.Sc. course.  Since 1990 Anthropology is being taught as one of the optionals for B.Sc. courses.  The department has well qualified staff and all teachers possess doctoral degree.



  1. Dr. S.N.Gugihal 
  2. Dr.(Smt) A.S.Hallikeri - HOD
  3. Dr. V.Jagadeesh

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Semester System

Semester system for undergraduate students has been introduced to make their education to go hand in hand with the prevailing social, cultural, economic and technological environment. The courses are designed based on the needs of society in general.

Governing Council

The college has a governing council is headed by the Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University, Syndicate Members, two staff members of the college and the Principal as secretary. It guides and regulates all the activities of the college.