Karnatak Science College, Dharwad

Instructions to Students

 1. Students are informed to submit the fees remittance challan to the admission committee on the day of remittance of fees into the bank, failing which their admission in the college is not confirmed.


2. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


3. The students are required to wear uniform compulsorily on all the days except Wednesday, when they enter the college premises.


4. Each student is required to get his / her identity card signed by the Principal immediately after notification of roll numbers duly entering both admission and roll numbers before the end of August.


5. The students are required to bring their identity cards and hall tickets at the time of all test and examinations.


6.  The students should retain their identity cards with them even after leaving the college as presentation of identity cards is essential for obtaing certificates, scholarship amount, caution money etc.


7.  If the student loses his / her identity card he / she has to apply for the issue of duplicate identity card by paying a fee of Rs. 50/- and explaining the circumstances of loss of identity card.


8. Every student is required to keep a minimum of 80 % attendance in both Theory and Practical in all subjects. The college will be notifying periodically the students who fall short of attendance so as to enable them to improve their attendance. Even after this if the student fails to improve his / her attendance and does not keep the require attendance his / her admission may be canceled and he / she may not be permitted to fill his/her examination form. It may also be withdrawn due to lack of attendanance. 


9. The students who are required to participate in the activities of the college such as de-bates, exhibitions, sports, meetings.  NCC & NSS activities etc. are required to submit an application through the concerned staff and get prior permission from the Principal for condoning their absence for classes. 


10. The students are required to attend all tests, seminars, practicals and theory examinations to be conducted by the college. If the student remains absent without valid reasons and without obtaining the prior permission of the Principal they will be liable for fine and disciplinary action.


11. If the students are likely to remain absent due to unavoidable circumstances, they are informed to submit an application duly endorsed by their parents / guardians explaining the causes. Medical certificate should be submitted at the time of illness and not after recovery.


12. All application for fee concessions, scholarships, free ships, prizes etc. should be submitted with necessary documents such as Caste Certificates, Income Certificates, affidavits, true copies of marks card etc, before the last day fixed. If the applications with necessary documents are received late, such applications will not be forwarded and the concerned students are liable for payment of all fees due to the college. No excuse will be entertained in this regard.


13. All the extra-curricular activities such as sports, debates, general functions etc will be conducted by the Study Circles, Science Association NCC, NSS, SWO and other Associations and Gymkhana Departments. These bodies would be meeting periodically to chalk out the programmes. The students are required to send their suggestions through the student representatives or through the members of staff, so that functions will be meaningful and useful to the students.


14. The curricular activities such as seminars, symposia, lectures by experts etc will be organized through the subject Study Circles, which cater to the needs of respective students.


15. Chief Editor will look after the College Miscellany. The students are informed to contribute articles on Science and General Topics. They are also requested to send their suggestions for the improvement of the Miscellany directly to the Editor.


16. Student representatives will be nominated by the committee constituted by the Principal. There will be no Election to the College Gymkhana Departments and Academic Associations.


17. Students are informed not to move in the corridors and disturb other classes. If they do not have classes they are advised to be either in the Library or in the Student’s Home.


18. The students are informed to maintain perfect discipline in the College campus.


19. The students are advised to be in constant touch with the Students Welfare Officer / other members of staff for any of their difficulties.


20. The students are advised to co-operate with college authorities in maintaining the campus clean and green.


21. The students are required to participate actively in all activities of the college.


22. The students must obtain prior permission of the Principal before publishing and supplying information to the press or any other agency in connection with the college. Failure to do so will attract disciplinary action against them


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Governing Council

The college has a governing council is headed by the Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University, Syndicate Members, two staff members of the college and the Principal as secretary. It guides and regulates all the activities of the college.