Karnatak Science College, Dharwad

Our College Emblem


“The emblem of our college symbolizes the excellence in teaching and research in all the basic sciences such as Physical, Chemical, Biological and Earth Sciences and their applications”.

The CREEPER is the symbol of the environment which surrounds, sustains and protects all living organisms.


The ROUND BOTTOM FLASK and a TEST TUBE stand to represent the enquiring, keen observation  and experimenting mind of a specially an analytical chemist in the department of Chemistry and Biotechnology.


The FLOWER TWIG represents the beauty and tenderness of life around us and the flora, inspiring its fascinating study undertaken in our Botany and Genetics departments.


There is a pair of a BIRD and FISH symbolizing non aquatic and aquatic animal kingdom and innumerable mysteries awaiting exploration in our Zoology, Microbiology and Fisheries departments.


The FINGER PRINT PATTERN signifies the infallibility of scientific evidence in the administration of justice and the study of Criminology and Forensic Science in our college.


The GLOBE represents the uniqueness of our planet and challenges offered for its study undertaken in the department of Geography.


The CHISEL and DIAMOND symbolize the hidden wealth in the earth and its study in the department of Geology.


The structure of the PLANETARY ELECTRONS symbolizes the enormous energy and the possibilities offered to man for study of the universe in the department of Physics, Electronics and Computer Science.



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Semester System

Semester system for undergraduate students has been introduced to make their education to go hand in hand with the prevailing social, cultural, economic and technological environment. The courses are designed based on the needs of society in general.

Governing Council

The college has a governing council is headed by the Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University, Syndicate Members, two staff members of the college and the Principal as secretary. It guides and regulates all the activities of the college.